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02/05/19 11:36 AM #559    


Pamela Nixon (Nixon-Mckisset)

Wow.  I'm sadden to hear the loss "Frenchie" as she was affectionaly known. We had some great, great times in middle and high school.  REST IN PEACE AND PARIDISE "FRENCHIE"  In addtion:


My Hearfelt sorrow is with the Roberts and Thomas family.  May the lord give your family strenght and guidance in these difficult time. 

02/05/19 01:57 PM #560    

Roxanne Milner

My deepest condolences to the Roberts family (Donald & Wanda) in the loss of their son.  May God continue to wrap his arms around them and comfort them during ths time and always.  My prayers are with the family.   

02/06/19 11:27 AM #561    


Charmaine Thrower (Franklin)

Classmates - The service for Wanda and Donald's son is tomorrow at Mt. Jezreel Baptist Church.

02/22/19 02:52 PM #562    


Charmaine Thrower (Franklin)

Good Afternoon Class of '79 -

Please pray for our classmate, Rhonda Glover, and her family in the loss of her sister, Joy Glover.  Rhonda posted the following message on Facebook today:

"After a lengthy illness, my big sister, Joy Renee Glover, transitioned to glory. She was not just a big sister but she so fashion forward. She had such a calming spirit. What can I say...she was a BAD CHICK!  Just SAYIN. I am so grateful to God that I was there with her when she went home."

02/23/19 09:22 AM #563    

Gloria J. Wilder (Bland)

Rhonda and family, I am praying for your comfort, peace and strength in the Lord as you all remember and celebrate the beautiful life, love and spirit of your Sister Joy! God's continued Blessings, Gloria

02/23/19 10:36 AM #564    

Sabrina Stewart

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of Rhonda's sister.  She sounds like she was an amazing person and a blessing to many that knew her.   She will now rest in peace free of sickness.   Praying for peace and solace for the Glover family.


02/23/19 10:40 AM #565    

Debra Dansby (Smith)

Sorry for your loss. May God's peace and strength engulf all touched by this loss

02/25/19 06:53 AM #566    

Pamela Wheeless

My deepest condolences to Rhonda the family, especially due to two losses in the family within a year. May God  wrap His loving arms around you. Peace.

02/25/19 09:03 AM #567    


Bruce Holliday

My condolences to the Glover Family. RIH JOY.

02/25/19 09:18 AM #568    

Tonya Pettaway (Stewart)

Sending prayers of comfort to Rhonda and family.

02/26/19 06:30 AM #569    


Rhonda Moore (Holder)

Praying conmfort for the Glover Family.

02/26/19 07:36 AM #570    


Veronica "Tina" Lassiter (Hudson)

My condolences and prayers go out to Rhonda and her family during this most difficult time.  May you find comfort and strength in the Lord our God to help you through. Rest in heavenly peace Joy.

02/26/19 02:48 PM #571    

Pamela Wheeless

My deepest condolences to Rhonda Glover and family. May you continue to feel the presence of God's love and peace.

03/21/19 10:31 AM #572    


Jean Davis (Smith)

Good Morning Classmates,

Please send your love and prayers to LaVerne (Peaches) Patterson-Hill
on the passing of her mother Veronica Patterson Taylor.

The “Celebration of Life” will be:

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Life Changing Faith Christian Church

3235 Swann Road
Suitland, MD  20746

Viewing:  10 a.m.

Funeral Immediately Following

Love & Blessings,


“And ye now therefore have sorrow:  but I will see you again, and your
heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.” ~ John 16:22

03/22/19 08:53 AM #573    

Tonya Pettaway (Stewart)

Sending prayers of comfort to Laverne and family.

03/22/19 10:54 AM #574    

Sabrina Stewart

I am sending prayers of comfort to LaVerne and her family for the loss of her mother.   

03/22/19 11:04 AM #575    

Janice Boston (Wallace)

Sending prayers of comfort and peace to LaVerne and family. 🙏🏽

04/27/19 10:52 AM #576    

Sabrina Stewart

I would just like to take the time to thank Marion Woodfork (Simmons) for a job well done as the McKinley Tech Web Site Administrator.  You did a superb job and I wish you nothing but the best regarding whatever your future plans may be.   

I can only imagine how much time it takes from your personal schedule to maintain this wonderful web site so I want to thank Tonya Thompson and Charmaine Franklin for stepping up and assuming this role.

I may not be able to make it to many of the events leading up to our 40th Reunion, but I definitely plan to attend the Reunion dinner and dance and am looking forward to seeing all of you from the class of 79.

Continued blessings to all of you!





04/28/19 01:27 PM #577    


Pamela Nixon (Nixon-Mckisset)

Marion, Many thanks for all of effort and countless time of assisting me I'm sure the class of 79 with a new password for our Mckinley Web-Site. Job well done!!! May peace and blessing follow you throughout your journey!! You'll be missed, Many thanks.  

Thanks Charmaine and Tonya for taking the helm.  Many blessing to you both.



04/29/19 07:41 AM #578    


JoVonne Jones (Lane)

Good Morning

Marion thank you so much for all that you have done in maintaining this website.  You created something so needed for the class of 79.  Charmain and Tonya thank you 2 ladies for taking on this task.

  Much love Class of 79


04/29/19 01:59 PM #579    


Ricardo Fleming

Great job Marion! Sisters thanks for carrying the ball.

04/30/19 11:32 AM #580    


Bruce Holliday

Thanks for holding it down all these years Marion!

05/05/19 08:14 PM #581    


Charmaine Thrower (Franklin)

Marion -

I absolutely ditto everything that has been said... Your creation of this website allowed ALL of us to go back down memory lane ... to remember the road we have travelled ... to remember the teachers who helped us to get to this place ... to renew friendships and acquaintenances ... (and in some cases, to allow the past to stay in the past) ... and last but not least ... to weep over those who are no longer with us. THANK YOU!!!

And to Sabrina, Pam, JoVonne, Ricardo and Bruce ... thank you all so much for the vote of confidence!!! 

Tonya and I have HUGE shoes to fill!  When you think of us, please just whisper a prayer that God will orchestrate our efforts, our time and our eyesight smiley ...  so that we can do half as good a job as Marion did!

We love you!


05/05/19 09:01 PM #582    

Jed Dudley Worrell


You created and maintained, as Site Administrator, a website which has served as a portal from the present to the past keeping so many of us in touch and involved in one another’s lives. Generally, every past year becomes a souvenir which slowly fades away.   Now; however, our high school years and new memories of things experienced forty-years hence, will last a lifetime {forever}.  

Forever Grateful

Jed Dudley Worrell


05/06/19 03:22 AM #583    


Emmett Driggers

Greetings classmates, I send my condolences to all who have suffered such great losses of loved ones as listed on this site! Praying for one another is working for me. I also have great appreciation for “Ms. Marion’s“ priceless contribution to our class. Let’s holler sooner than later! Peace and Blessings Class! 

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